Municipal Range

The DAF municipal range reflects the needs of an industry where durability, reliability, environmental impact and low operating cost are the key factors in driving business efficiency. From sweepers to refuse trucks, DAF’s commitment to precision engineering means we can provide a truck that meets the needs of your individual requirements.

There are three dedicated sweeper chassis available in the municipal range. The LF45 comes at either 7.5 or 12 tonnes, with a wheelbase of 3.15m and a choice of 160 hp and 180 hp engines respectively. The LF55 runs at 15 tonnes with a wheelbase of 3.24m and 160,180, 210 or 220 hp engine. All of the sweepers come with left-hand drive as standard and are available at either Euro 4 or advanced Euro 5 emission levels depending on the choice of engine

In addition to the sweepers, the range also includes the new DAF LF45 tipper. With its dedicated gearbox ratios, raised air intake and larger wheels and tyres for greater ground clearance, it’s well equipped for the most demanding of environments. There’s a choice of four wheelbases from 3.0 to 3.9m, engine powers of 140, 160, 180, 210 or 220 hp and a payload potential of up to 4.3 tonnes. Also available at 18 tonne the LF55 has a c hoice of 220, 250 or 300 hp making it the ideal choice for skip and tipper applications. All engines are at Euro 5 emission levels and are also available with EEV (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicles) compliant versions.

As legislative pressures grow, DAF’s product range is being designed to meet the requirements of a demanding municipal sector. With comfort and safety coming as standard, you are assured a quality purpose-built vehicle.

When it comes to places of work, the inside of the ergonomically designed LF and CF take some beating. With fully adjustable seats and steering column, logically positioned easy-reach controls and a dashboard that would look perfectly at home in a luxury car the DAF cabs have it all. The new multi-functional steering wheel allows an unhindered view of the instruments and incorporates an optional airbag and standard switches for exhaust brake, maximum speed, cruise controls and optional telephone controls.

The newly designed four mirror layout combined with front view mirror provides a wider field of vision for greater safety, so important when negotiating awkward residential streets. Whilst automated gearboxes available throughout the municipal range make driving more relaxed too.

To ensure the hassle-free fitting of the body of your choice, DAF’s unique chassis layout places most components on the inside of the body-ready frame, leaving it completely flat-topped. What’s more, the dedicated tipper and sweeper models also come with PTO facility and controls

Manoeuvrability is of primary importance for any municipal vehicle. And whether it’s the LF45 at 7.5 tonnes or the CF85 8x4 at 32 tonnes, a choice of compact wheelbases, tight lock angles and responsive power steering all lead to tighter turning circles.


There are three specialist sweeper vehicles available. The LF45 comes at either 7.5 or 12 tonnes GVW, with a wheelbase of 3.15m and 160 and 180hp engines respectively. The LF55 runs at 13 tonnes with a wheelbase of 3.24m and a 180 or 210hp engine. All of our sweepers come as left-hand drive as standard.

The range also includes the new DAF LF45 tipper. It features dedicated gearbox ratios, a raised air intake

and larger wheels and tyres for greater ground clearance. With a choice of four wheelbases from 3.0 to 3.9m, engine powers of either 160 or 180hp and a payload potential of up to 4.56 tonnes it is suited for a range of applications. The strength and payload potential of the 18 tonne LF55 makes it a perfect choice for skip applications.


DAF’s unique chassis layout places all components on the inside of the body-ready frame leaving it completely flat-topped and ready for the hassle-free fitting of the body of your choice. It also comes with a front end PTO facility.

 As municipal vehicles have to negotiate awkward residential streets, manouevrability is a primary

consideration. That’s why all LF municipals come with compact wheelbases, responsive power steering and a 53° lock angle for the tightest of turning circles. The large glass areas, electrically heated mirrors, wide angle mirror and kerb view mirror also combine to provide excellent all-round visibility


The CF municipal range is as diverse and versatile as the sector itself. The CF75 uses a highly efficient 9.2 litre engine combined with an efficient manual or automated driveline and can be specified as a 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 or 8x4 at up to 360 hp. Built for real drivability the CF85 with its high torque 12.9 litre engine gives big productivity on the toughest jobs. Outstanding performance on or off the road is achieved through the high articulation bogie on the 8x4 models ensuring superb traction at all times.

The interior of the new CF is designed around the driver, with more space and high levels of comfort.  Available as an option is the DAF crew cab.

Developed in conjunction with conversion specialists Longton, our driver+2 and driver+crew are hard-working, hard-wearing cabs that combine practicality, comfort and safety for up to five people.

There’s lots of storage too, including a 90 litre external locker for storage of wet and dirty gear.


Durable by design DAF’s engines deliver high torque at a wide range of operating speeds for optimum pulling power. The 6x4 CF75 is available at 360 and 410hp, the 8x4 CF85 at 340hp  - and because the torque hangs on right down almost to tickover, you get superb pulling performance from the moment you put your foot down.

DAF Municipals have a reputation for being rugged and reliable with a wraparound steel bumper for maximum protection. We have also introduced a range of long-life, minimum maintenance features specifically designed to maximise uptime. These include impact resistant headlamps; automatically adjusting fan belts that double belt life, floating hub disc brakes for longer brake life; maintenance-free propshafts and bushes and a cyclonic air intake that trebles filter life.



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